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    SoumYa RanJan Last year

    To speak the truth, I am able to download torrents faster with this software
    Its interface suits me better coz I am Geeky
    For Movie Lovers:
    ->It comes with the file Snapshot View.
    ->You can rate and comment on the torrents.
    ->It additionally suggests the torrents you can download/share.

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    Merry Perry Last year

    Actually it's a good tool) But sometimes it's too slow

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    Mike W 2 years ago
    — So So Ripper; Terrible Company
    Pros: Basic Functions
    Cons: Company Ignores Emails; Refuses to honor money back guarantee

    Made the mistake of buying this software. The software doesn't differ from other rippers of the same type. Some texts are in poor English. Would not recommend this company for any reason. Based on somewhat misleading web site I ordered the software. Requested refund based on alleged 30 day guarantee. Most emails ignored. Some emails promised response. In the end nothing. Avoid it at all costs.

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